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Roy Chartier

Cancer Computer
Ottawa, Ontario
Cancer Computer is a nonprofit corp. providing free high-performance cloud computing for cancer researchers.

We're in the process of standing up an Open Nebula cluster to offer Galaxy instances to researchers, so this freshman hopes to gain some knowledge from the senior class.

We offer galaxy instances from 1-8 cores, 8 to 64GB of RAM, and 100-400GB of high speed storage, and up to 500GB of warm storage, free of charge.

Galaxy instances from 9-40 cores+ (HPC via MPI), 65-512GB RAM, 400-1200GB+ of high speed storage, and up to 72TB of warm storage, will require a donation (details TBA, but ~25-35% of AWS/Azure pricing).

We are also partnered with the Open Science Grid to provide compute resources for cancer research.
Monday, June 27

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Tuesday, June 28

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Wednesday, June 29

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